Good Tech Habits You Should Consider

If you are online, there are habits you should start developing. This is according to Whitson Gordon in an article posted in lifehacker, entitled “Top 10 Good Tech Habits Everyone Should Have.”

Here we would like to summarize this article for you.

  •  Regularly Audit Your Privacy Settings on Social Networks
  • Keep Your Desktop and Hard Drive Free of Clutter
  • Avoid Getting Malware and Spreading It to Others. Install a Good antivirus program.
  • Be Smart About Hoaxes, Scams and Internet Myths
  • Use Secure Passwords
  • Back Up Your Computer
  • Search Google Like a Pro

Read Whitson’s article in its entirety.

We do want to focus on what he says about surfing Google like a pro. Almost everything you need to know can be found online. Make sure your customers and future clients can find you online.

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Understanding Algorithms & SEO Gets Your Site Noticed

There is no reason to be online if no one notices. So if you have web content you need to get that content noticed by potential customers.

So how do you make sure your content gets to its targeted audience?

At Wipple, we try very hard to understand the algorithms used to rate your website.

We post on your website. This is the most obvious place to start. Using SEO enriched content we make sure that weekly, bi-weekly or even more often, your site is updated.

Posting to sharing websites can also be beneficial. These can include YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, Pinterest, Vine and Instagram.  This is where your target audience is more likely to find your content.

You can choose to run social network ads on networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. These ads are not always very effective for promoting content and once you pay to stop running the ad the effect is gone.

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It’s time to get the site your business deserves.

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Small Businesses Would Benefit from Net Neutrality

The government has always given lip service to the principle of “Net neutrality.” This is the belief that everyone should have equal access to the Web. No one got preferential treatment.

Large corporations such as Verizon and Comcast like the idea of potential new rules the would be a price tag on climbing aboard the Internet.

Everyone without the necessary cash such as nonprofit groups, startups and everyday users, would not be running at the same speed. This would mean that the net is no longer neutral.

Bill Moyer describes the situation as such:

“ If I told you that sovereign powers were about to put a toll booth on the street that leads from your house to the nearest Interstate, allowing your richest neighbors to buy their way to the open road while you were sent to the slow lane, you would no doubt be outraged. Well, prepare to scream bloody murder, because something like that could be happening to the Internet.

Yes, the Internet — your Internet. Our Internet. The electronic public square that ostensibly allows everyone an equal chance to be heard. This democratic highway to cyberspace has thrived on the idea of “Net neutrality” — that the Internet should be available to all without preferential treatment. Without preferential treatment. But Net neutrality is now at risk. And from its supposed guardian, the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is circulating potential new rules that reportedly would allow Internet service providers to charge higher fees for faster access, so the big companies like Verizon and Comcast could hustle more money from those who can afford to buy a place in the fast lane. Everyone else — nonprofit groups, startups, the smaller, independent content creators, and everyday users – move to the rear. The Net, neutral no more.”

Wipple will keep up on the new rules and make certain they keep their clients sites online relevant.



Outsource Your Website Management to Wipple

According to a report recently published by the National Small Business Association, the majority of small firms 66 percent, maintain their website internally, while 30 percent—down from 41 percent three years ago—pay an outside company. See statistics at NSBA. 

At Wipple, however, we often get companies who have become overwhelmed with the changes in social media and the new demands of maintaining their website. They have discovered that having Wipple maintain their website is economically a wise decision for their company.

Outsourcing this allows you to focus on your core business and create a competitive advantage by reducing operational costs.  When you go to Wipple for expertise in managing your website then you don’t have to take away from your main focus—the business you are trained to do.

Having Wipple manage your website insures quality because of the expertise and specialization they have.

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Small Businesses Need Expertise Managing Their Websites

A 2013 survey by the National Small Business Association discovered an expected increase in the utilization of technology in small businesses.

Maintaining an online presence continues to be an important component for small businesses. The majority of small firms have a Website for their business and nearly one in five has a mobile website. Among those that do not have a website, one-third say they are in the process of developing one.

According to NSBA social media is a growing piece of small businesses online strategy. LinkedIn and Facebook continue to lead the filed in terms of social media outlets used for business purposes. There was a notable drop in those small firms who said they don’t use any social media whatsoever, from 53 percent in 2010 to just 27 percent today.

One of the biggest problems for small businesses is running their businesness and running their online network. Many business get a website up and running, then get involved in the business of running the business.

Wipple can run the social media side of your business cheaper and more efficiently than you can pay someone within your own company to do it.

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Weird Websites.

Looking for something funny and unique on the web? Try Beyond the Blackstump.

This site gives a list of the “Latest Bizarre, Oddball and Weird Sites.”

Read the entire list here, but here are some of our favorites.

  • One Pixel Moon–If the moon were only 1 pixel: a tediously accurate scale model of the solar system.
  • Listing 10—A compilation of the world’s most interesting, bizarre and amazing things. Facts about everything you can imagine.  These include myths and conspiracies, animals and nature, crime and punishment, comedy and entertainment.
  • All about sauerkraut
  • ForteanTimes—the world of strange phenomena
  • Pointless diagrams—For people who have “Diagram Lust”
  • Music for elephants—Piano music played for, with or by elephants in Thailand
  • Virtual Tarto—for those you need to ask a question or might want an answer. “Peter offers you a space to ask anything you want.”



  • Quite Likely the Worst Job Ever—A British journalist provides us with a window into the lives of the men who made their living from combing for treasures in London’s sewers.
  • Ugly mail boxes

When you are ready to get your website up in the respectable category, call Wipple 360-901-1684.

Senior Citizens are Using the Internet More and More

Attract senior citizens to your site.

Attract senior citizens to your site.

Retired individuals typically have more money and time than some other groups. If you have a product that caters to this over 65 group you may want to tailor your website to this market.

Wipple can help you design a website which will draw this demographic to your business.  You may want to even consider having a separate website dedicated to the retiring baby boomers.

You might want to start by including pictures and other media which features senior citizens. Draw attention to those items which the senior market will find the most useful.

Recognize that some of your visitors will not be as internet-savvy as younger customers. Make sure the site is not cluttered or that there is very little scrolling down to find a buy button.

Make buttons bigger so visitors can easily find and enter their information. Make sure your phone number is bold at the top of each page.

Guide your visitors to where they should go. Highlight your key products in the upper top of your home page. Visitors to most websites spend 80 percent of their time on the top half of the page. By the time a user has scrolled down, their attention span is nearly gone.

Check your Google analytics to see what pages are of the most interest to your 65-year-old crowd.

Contact Wipple and they can help you attract the seniors.

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Website Concerns? Contact Wipple. They’re the Experts

Businesses often have a website built, cross that task off their list and never look at it again. It might be time to put your website back on the “To Do List.”

Your website may need a facelift. You don’t want potential customers leaving your site because of something you can easily change.

Here are some reasons visitors might leave quickly.

  • Your site is hard to navigate.

    Don't confuse your audience  with confusing signals.

    Don’t confuse your audience with confusing signals.

If people can’t find what they want immediately, they don’t typically have the attention span necessary to hunt around. Normally, if they can’t find what they want quickly, they will click away.

  • Too much to read.

When there are too many words, the page looks boring. You need compelling photos that will emotionally pull your audience into the site. Definitely you need text to explain your photos, but be sure to keep everything short and to the point.

  • Text is difficult to read.

Make certain you aren’t using tons of crazy fonts or color that is difficult to read.

  • Dated graphics

If your photos or graphics look old, you don’t attract the audience you are looking to attract. You need photos which depict your business as up-to-date.

  • Ordering is complicated

Make ordering as quick and easy as possible.

  • Don’t overload the senses

Blinking photos, sliding graphics, embedded music, multiple ads combined with lots of separate text boxes can leave the viewer with sensory overload. Whatever you put on your page needs to be quality and purposeful.

Wipple can help you get your site user friendly and formatted so audiences will find you and stick around.

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Attract More Website Visitors Wipple Can Help

Forbes listed 20 Easy, Ethical Ways To Attract More Website Visitors

To read the entire article go to

Here are some of the highlights we a Wipple found especially interesting. If you would like help implementing any of these ideas or hearing some more, contact Wipple today. We have been working within this process for a long time. Call 360-901-1684.

  • logo.jpgFocus on content creation
  • Add social sharing buttons to your website
  • Answer questions on social networking
  • Distribute press releases for actual achievements
  • Use SEO responsibly
  • Invest in your website’s blog
  • Share slide decks and other presentations.
  • Build a killer email newsletter
  • Publish a helpful podcast
  • Deploy infographics
  • Run a YouTube channel
  • Ask visitors to share your site with others
  • Write guest post for top industry sites
  • Connect with influencers in your niche
  • Pay attention to up-and-coming social networks
  • Eliminate website errors.
  • Add pillar content to your website
  • Over-deliver on your company’s products or services
  • Interview experts within your industry
  • Comment on other websites

For help understanding how to accomplish these goals, contact Wipple. 360-690-5616.

Businesses Need a Site Customers Will Enjoy Surfing

When asked why they leave a site without buying or contacting the site owner for services, the number one reason was “Site Functionality.”

This means those that hit on your site want ease. If there is a feature that doesn’t work on your site, potential customers will leave. There are other businesses lined up on the search engine waiting for attention.

If you have a feature on your site, make sure it works.

The second reason people will leave the site without taking action is slow speed. The attention span of the average internet browsing individual is not very long. We have a quick-to-click mentality. Makes sure your site runs quickly and smoothly.

Potential customers also want a site that is clearly labeled and easy to navigate. Make certain that you have popular inquires highlighted and easy to find.

This kind of snapshot won't sale anything on your website.

This kind of snapshot won’t sale anything on your website.

You site also needs to be appealing. Eye-tracking studies show that the average web user will scan a page first and then read. This means that your images need to be appealing.


Much better photo to sale something.

Much better photo to sale something.

ontact Wipple and let us help you use social media and the internet to move your product with the right website.

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