Facebook Benefits From Advertizing Shift

facebook-76536_960_720More and more advertisers are shifting money from television to web and mobile platforms. According to Reuters, this is  why Facebook Inc’s quarterly revenue rose more than 50 percent beating all Wall Street predictions.

Facebook’s mobile app has encouraged more and more people to advertise through Facebook. Advertisers who were already using the social media site have started to boost spending.

Facebook is not the only beneficiary of this advertizing shift. The leader is seeing constant competition in the mobile video market by Snapchat and YouTube who also garner billions of video views every day.

As things continue to evolve, your company will need to evolve with them. Sometimes the evolution is just a few small tweaks you need to make to keep yourself sitting on the front page of Google, or showing up on a mobile device.

At Wipple we are dedicated to making those tweaks, big or small, which will continue to help you grow your business.

You don’t have time to keep up with all the new algorithms or changes. Let us work for you.

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Using Technology to Make Women Safer

cell-phone-1163722_960_720The telecommunications ministry in India has declared that all mobile phones starting in 2017, must be equipped with a panic button. By 2018 a mandated GPS navigation system will need to include in each phone.

These directives are part of a larger campaign to increase the safety of women.

At the present time, India does not have a centralized emergency number but officials are looking to introduce one this year.

This story came from the BBC Technology section. According to the posted article, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said: “Technology is solely meant to make human life better and what better than using it for the security of women?”

The rest of the article reads in part, “The National Crime Records Bureau said there were 337,922 reports of violence against women, including rape, molestation, abduction and cruelty in 2014, including 36,000 rapes, a rise of 9% on the previous year’s figures.

“It is likely that the real incidence of rape is much higher than official figures suggest.

“It is not yet clear how the panic button system will work but it is likely to allow customers to call the emergency services by either pressing a single button or by pressing the power button several times in succession.

“Women’s safety has risen to the top of the political agenda in India since the fatal gang rape of a 23 year-old medical student on a bus in Delhi in 2012 sparked new anti-rape laws in the country.”

At Wipple, we applaud all measure to provide safety for their citizens.

Your Customers Are Online – Are You?

Not just in the USA, but all over the world consumers are finding what they need online.

Not just in the USA, but all over the world consumers are finding what they need online.

If you want tour business to be successful, you have to be where your customers are. More and more shoppers are turning to the internet to find the things they desire.

Thousands of businesses are creating thousands of new pages every day.

Try not to get discouraged because there an overwhelming huber of websites out there. Your business is unique and you can reach your target audience with just a little bit of knowhow and help from Wipple.

First, of course, you need a site. We have the know how to build you an awesome site that will represent you and your business.   Your site alone cannot possibly attract all of the customers you need for a successful business.  Your site needs to be good, but it also needs proper advertising.

We don’t stop when we finish building your website, next we transition in to attracting visitors and new business.

Our knowledge will get your website and your business where the people are.

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New Technology that Might Leave You Speechless

Unlike this older drone, the new Intel drones can dodges obstacles. This technology is both awe-inspiring and terrifying.

Unlike this older drone, the new Intel drones can dodges obstacles. This technology is both awe-inspiring and terrifying.

In keeping up with the latest technology, let’s discuss some new things on our radar.

Drones that dodges obstacles: This drone was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas on January 1, 2016.  This drone isn’t actually on the market but Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, recently promised that it will be in the first half of the year.

Without any kind of piloting, the drone automatically avoids obstructions while still filming with a 4K camera. This is accomplished with Intel’s 3D depthsensing RealSense technology. To make the unit portable, the wings fold up.

Sunglasses that can be your personal trainer: If you’re slacking off on your New Year’s resolution to get in shape, then maybe you need these sunglasses that coach you through your workout. When you ask about your pace, the smart eyewear gives you honest answers. “I think you need to push a little harder.”

These Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses have been equipped with Intel’s miniature Curie chip, which has a motion detector and Bluetooth radio.  The glasses come with earplugs,  a microphone, and a tiny computer on one of the arms.

Like the drone, these glasses aren’t yet available on the public market.

These are just a few of the amazing technological advancement, and we at Wipple are excited to see what is next!



A Personal Cloud and a Smart Button–New Technology

We love new technology and here are a couple new technologies out there that we think are worth watching.

Personal Cloud

Picture from Eggcyte.

Picture from Eggcyte.

There are several personal clouds being introduced into the market. They are designed for families, small businesses, and individuals who want to share music, photographs, and other files.  The personal cloud allows them to do this, while also avoiding public cloud services.

The Egg is one such device. According to the website, “The egg is a stylish and powerful personal cloud storage device that has up to 256GB of storage, Wi-Fi and fits in the palm of your hand. Store and access your media, and share privately with family and friends.”

Some of the advantages of The Egg include:

  • It extends your phone storage
  • You can leave the egg at home and access it from anywhere
  • Share HD videos of any length
  • Share vacation photos with family back home
  • Watch movies in the car
  • Used it as a Wi-Fi hotspot
Picture from flic.io.

Picture from flic.io.

A Smart Button

A simple little product that seems incredibly interested and useful is the Flic. This is a wireless smart button that is about the size of a checker piece. You can clip this button to your belt and program it to do a variety of functions including: ring your phone when you’ve lost it, turn on the lights, start your music, take a selfie, call your mother, get driving directions.

With so many interesting products on the market, we only have one question to ask you: “which one will make its way into your home?”

Stay tuned for next week when we at Wipple discuss new advancements in drones and sunglasses!

At Wipple We Don’t Deal With the Darknet

Bitcoin is the preferred currency on the darknet.

Bitcoin is the preferred currency on the darknet.

You have probably heard about the “Darknet” on your favorite crime show and you probably understand some of what it actually is.  Here at Wipple we don’t deal with that hidden part of cyberspace known as the Darknet.

Here is a bit of information to give you an idea of what the darknet actually is:

To understand the darknet, we should understand the surface web and the deep web.

The surface web is what most of us deal with. It consists of sites which come up in a keyword search. All of these sites on the surface web have been crawled by a search engine’s web crawler and then indexed for later retrieval. If you run a business, this is where you want your business to be.

The deep web, on the other hand, is any site that can be found on the surface web but is not indexed by a search engine. These are sites that are secured by a password or a site where you must search the site’s database itself for content.

The darknet is part of the deep web filled with sites which are run and visited by people who want to remain anonymous. Not surprisingly, many of these dark sites have been developed to sell illegal items or host dissident blogs. Most dark sites have been developed with encryption and are only accessible from special encrypted browsers and are not indexed by search engines.

In many cases, the people who manage these websites regularly change the URLs to hide the illegal nature of the content.

The concept that certain sites remain hidden from view through the use of unlisted URLs goes clear back to the 1970. The technology that allows for certain darknet sites to remain unidentified was originally created for intelligence communications back in the 1990’s. The US Naval Research Laboratory started this procedure.

Since that time the space has become notorious for illegal offerings such as guns, false ID’s, drugs, and human trafficking.

Normally bitcoin is the currency used on most darknet transactions.

Besides sales, the darknet allows people in authoritarian countries to communicate with people in other countries. It also allows them access to websites from outside their countries, and even helps to organize revolutions.

The darknet’s anonymity also provides a safe place for whistleblowers to share information and for abuse victims to seek help without their abusers’ knowledge.

We don’t deal with the dark net, but we can help your business get more exposure.  Give us a call today!

Adjusting Your Website to Search Engine Changes

SEO is changing. Make sure your business keeps up with the change.

SEO is changing. Make sure your business keeps up with the change.

The rules for SEO has been changing. What worked just a couple of years ago is not going to push your website to the first page any longer.

At Wipple, we spend a lot of time learning the new rules of SEO. We know that the practice of driving traffic to your website by simply packing keywords into your headlines or into long blogs is no longer the standard.

Search engines have become much more sophisticated. The content isn’t going to make as much impact in the coming year as websites that are mobile-friendly.

Other important factors for search engines include:

  • Analysis of a website’s perceived value
  • Dwell time as measured by data usage
  • Readability
  • Design

Effectiveness of paid links is decreasing, as is the influence of anchor text.

In past years, we have taught our clients that they need an exact key word to produce a relevant search. We spent a lot of time with analytics to discover what words your potential clients were using to find your type of company. Search engines are now analyzing how internet users are interacting with you website. Do the users going back to your site? Are they staying on your site? Are they clicking around on your site?

Just having keywords in an article is not going to help if the body copy does not contain words that signal that this is an authoritative article.  For example, if you were writing an article on flooring, specifically linoleum. Words such as linseed oil, calcium carbonate and pine rosin, would suggest the author was an authority.

Google makes literally dozens of changes a month in their algorithm. Every change is to make that when a user searches, they get the results they want.

Content must be original to merit consideration from Google.

Not surprising is the changes being made to accommodate those who use mobile devices to search for news, restaurants, dates, electricians, and other important topics.

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Reviews–Even Negative Ones–Are Sometimes Good for Business

If you run a responsible business concerned about quality, don't be afraid of a couple negative reviews.

If you run a responsible business concerned about quality, don’t be afraid of a couple negative reviews. Your potential clients are savy enough to know some negative reviews could have come from your competitiors and aren’t reviews at all.

Any business with an online presence is eventually going to get reviewed. This is true whether you solicit online reviews or if one of your customers just simply takes a selfie while at your business.



When the reviews are good, you would assume it is good for business. When the reviews are bad, one can consider the definite possibility that potential customers or clients are a little put off by the negative response to you or your company.

At Wipple, we would suggest you address negative reviews when possible. If a customer has a bad experience with your company, it is always a good idea to remedy it with some stellar customer service.  When you do respond to a negative review, it should be done appropriately and professionally.

Negative reviews can also let you know if there are changes you can make to your business plan.  There may be a few things you can learn from them.

Negative and positive reviews offer proof of your company’s legitimacy.  While It might be nicety have 100% positive reviews, but if every review isn’t going to be positive. You are real and real isn’t perfect.  For this reason, we don’t typically suggest that you attempt to get every negative review removed.

On Yelp, these review contents are considered unacceptable:

  • Reviews that are not relevant to your business
  • Reviews that contain promotional material for another company
  • Reviews that raise concerns about privacy or conflicts of interest
  • Reviews that violate intellectual property laws
  • Reviews that threaten or harass others
  • Reviews that are lewd or discriminatory

Facebook recommends the flagging or removal of some material that do the following:

  • Reviews or posts which compromise privacy or security
  • Sexually explicit or otherwise graphic
  • Reference self-harm
  • Are considered spam
  • Contain hate speech
  • Contain threats or other violent comments
  • Bully or  harasses

Google has a policy for allowing you to report these materials to their attention:

  • Contain sexually explicit or offensive language, including hate speech
  • Publishes URLs or phone numbers
  • Provide confidential, copyrighted or illegal content
  • Are considered advertising
  • Are not relevant to your business or that are spam
  • Involve impersonation

If you have any concerns about your website, contact Wipple. Call us today. 1-360-901-1684


Consider These Internet Trends

Expensive T-shirts might be trending, but in the end, it's hard to tell them from the less fashionable ones. Make sure you choose your trends wisely, especially if you are spending advertizing dollars.

Expensive T-shirts might be trending, but in the end, it’s hard to tell them from the less fashionable ones. Make sure you choose your trends wisely, especially if you are spending advertising dollars.

In essence the word “trend” means change. Clothing styles trend from Lady Gaga’s meat dress to Kenya West’s overpriced T-shirts. If you want high priced trends, you can always order from the Yeezy collection. Here you can get sweatshirts, leggings, plain crewnecks and joggers that cost several hundred dollars.

Trends aren’t necessarily worth the price. Nothing trends faster than digital trends because the online world is constantly in flux.

Some of the new marketing trends are not worth your time or energy. There are some trends out there that you should consider to help you stay competitive.

Here are some trends to keep in mind:

Last April Google changed its algorithm to reward mobile friendly websites. This means that certain apps have become an important factor in rankings. This change led to more and more businesses using these apps.

You can also expect to see more video ads.

Another change that has been very dramatic is the dominance of mobile usage over desktop. While desktop traffic will not disappear, mobile traffic is becoming a major source of internet browsing.  To honor this trend, consider a landing page that works with mobile devices.

You might also want to pay more attention to digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana. As you strive to connect with more potential customers or clients, you will want to ensure that your business details are available via virtual assistant.

Online marketing has continued to be more competitive. Companies are expected to spend $10 billion more on all areas of digital marketing than they did in 2015.

Make sure your site and your business are ready. If you have concerns, contact Wipple. We’ll get you set up to deal with the important trends.