Get to Know Your Customers Day Even If You’re Online

Get to Know Your Customers Day is the third Thursday of Each Quarter—January, April, July, October.

Books stores used to be social gathering spots.

Books stores used to be social gathering spots.

In honor of customers’ day we want to reminisce about all those good old days when businesses were ran by owners themselves. We all had a favorite corner store, maybe a book shop, coffee joint or hardware store with a guy who asked us to describe the exact plumbing problem.

During those time, the cashier called you by name and you asked about his dog, the one that was usually sleeping by the backdoor. In the good old days, businesses ran on relationships.

We may not always be able to get very personal with the scale of our business operations. Besides, there is the internet to communicate and social media that has allowed us to be more efficient in reaching out to our customers.

But in honor of “Get to Know Your Customer Day,” this is a good opportunity to reorient your mindset back to building relationships with your customers.

One way to do this is to make your website very user friendly. Among other things this means there should be a way for them to contact you. If you do have a potential client reach out to you, respond in a very timely manner.

Make follow-up calls. You aren’t just making a sales call, you are connecting with your customers.

Use other social media to make yourself and your business approachable. At Wipple we can help set up the resources you need.

At Wipple, we recognize the competitive environment you are doing business is and we recognize the competitive nature of our business. That is why we try to spoil you so you will recognize we love to get to know our clients and exactly what their business needs.

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Don’t Make Beginner Mistakes with Your Website

When using Google Analytics there are some mistakes the average business owner makes. At Wipple we will help you avoid these.

Last blog we gave two of the major mistakes:

  • Not using the information,
  • Only using one report and
  • Not filtering your internal IP addresses.

Now we would like to discuss other mistakes.

  • apples-455396_640orange-207819_640Make sure when you use Google Analytics that you are comparing the right information. Site visits give your one type of information and the bounce rate gives you another bit of information. Don’t necessarily compare the two. By doing so, you are in essence comparing apples and oranges. 
  • Also make sure you take in to consideration outside influences which would affect your conversion rate. For some companies and some types of products, December will have a higher conversion rate than other months.
  • Become familiar with and use the goal system. In this way you will be able to measure the conversions that occur on your website.
  • Don’t spend time focusing on daily or even weekly fluctuations. Instead notice trends. There are always going to be spikes. Some days of the weeks receive more traffic, weather, holidays and countless other possible factors. Don’t get overly concerned with these data spikes whether they are positive or negative. Spikes don’t indicate success or failure. Trends are more telling.

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Don’t Make These Mistakes on Your Website

google-485643_640One of the many tools we use at Wipple to keep your website in front of your customers is Google Analytics.

Often business owners take the initiative themselves to set up an analytic account and embed a tracking script into the website, but then don’t enjoy the full benefits of the platform.

Using this platform requires a certain amount of knowhow and time. If you want to spend your time and energies on something else then have Wipple deal with this tool.

Often website owners don’t log in regularly to understand fluctuations in the data. If you don’t see this data, there isn’t any reason to have the platform at all.

Another mistake business owners will make is just looking at one report.  One example would be the business which looks at the rise in organic visits over the month. This does indicate good progress on your SEO campaign. More visitors are seeing your site.  However, you need to also check what the “bounce rate” is and your “conversion rate.”  You must study the entire report.

Google Analytics will report to you all traffic which comes into your site. Sometimes this report is not accurate because it is reporting all your developers, web testers and salespeople who regularly visit your site. Because of this, you may have an over-inflated number. You should screen out these internal visits with filters.

Check our next blog for other mistakes you might be making.

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Making New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year’s Resolution 

Good Morning America recently had a segment on about the science behind accomplishing your New Year’s resolution.

2015 -534233_640They suggested that fewer than one in five adults who made health-related new Year’s resolutions were able to make any significant strides in weight loss, healthier eating, exercise or stress reduction by March.

Still there is no better time than to give the goals a try. Here is the science they suggest to conquer your resolutions.

Here are their suggestions:

Choose Your Goal Wisely

The key to accomplishing your goal is to make it concrete and easy to break down into pieces, said Jeff Janata, chief of psychology at UH Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Weight loss is actually an example of a resolution that sets you up to fail.

“Weight loss really isn’t in our control,” Janata said, explaining that no matter how rigid the diet and exercise, weight loss naturally plateaus. “That’s one of the reasons people fail at weight loss. They focus on ‘I need to lose a certain number pounds per week.’”

Instead, cutting out fried foods or deciding to work out a few days a week are better goals, he said.

“Don’t start off with these grand resolutions,” said psychologist Joe Taravella, the supervisor of pediatric psychology at NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation who also specializes in marital and family psychology.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up If You Mess Up

No matter how perfect the goal is, Janata said people are going to slip. But that doesn’t mean they should give up completely.

“Re-adjust the goal according to how difficult it is for you,” Janata said.

He advised taking 2015 goals week by week or day by day.

“I remind people that we’re human and we’re not perfect,” Taravella said. “We’re going to mess up throughout our entire lives.”

He said one bad day “doesn’t mean we’re total failures and all progress we made isn’t meaningful.”

Reward Yourself

Building in days off is an important part of goal-setting, Taravella said.

“Being totally rigid 24/7 is not sustainable over the long haul,” Taravella said.

Go Public

Want to make sure you nail your 2015 resolutions? Make them public, psychologists advised.

“Talk to people about what you’re doing, so you can be accountable,” Taravella said, explaining that you’ll be motivated to succeed because you won’t want to fail in front of your friends.

Make Sure You’re Doing It for the Right Reasons

Tackling a goal because someone told you to or because you simply think you “should” might backfire, Janata said. Sometimes, taking on a goal because of outside pressure just makes people want to rebel, he said.

“There’s an important distinction to be drawn between goals that we feel that we should accomplish and those we believe we truly want to accomplish,” he said. “Rarely do we attain goals unless we truly embrace the goal.”

So make sure you’re only picking goals because you’re ready and eager to fulfill them.

Selfie Stick Demonstrates Yet Again the Power of Social Media

Christmas is the season of giving and loving and joy to the world. This is a very special time of year when we do things for others and unite the family of mankind all across the earth by buying millions of selfie sticks.

Seriously? Did the reason for the season suddenly become a way to acquire a device to supercharge your selfie?

With the new selfie stick, these girls won't be limited by the length of their arm.

With the new selfie stick, these girls won’t be limited by the length of their arm.

If you haven’t heard of this “selfie stick,” I’ll give you a quick update while you climb out from under your rock. These “must have” Christmas gifts are nothing more than a long extendable metal rod which clasps onto a smartphone at the tip. The stick extends three or more feet. This allows for a wide shot and a higher angle that can include more people and landscape.

Time Magazine added this simple contraption onto their list of the Top 25 Inventions of 2014

I’ll ignore the fact that “sticks” have been around for a long time. Even sticks that hold your camera. But it’s hard to comprehend that this device somehow got to be on the same list with real inventions such as a hover board, super smart spacecraft, a reactor that could realize nuclear fusion and 3-D printing.

During this season of “Peace on Earth Good Will to Men,” you, with your obnoxious pole and smart phone, can now block pedestrian traffic at all your favorite tourist spots. Fortunately, you’ll not notice the hateful glares. You will be too busy looking at yourself.

I’m sorry. I’m being a little harsh on you folks who require a prop to take pictures of yourselves. I need to be sensitive to the real issue here: “likes” and “retweets.”

Without proper equipment, your social media photos may suffer in comparison to those of your cyber-world friends who have become more professional in their approach to documenting every aspect of their life. Your “likes” and “retweets” could very possibly decline and then how will you know people like, respect and envy you.

The fact that selfie sticks are so popular leads credence to the continually use the entire world is placing on communicating through the internet.

Make sure your internet connections are of quality this New Year. Contact Wipple. 360-901-1684.

Give Your Company a Professional Web Design for Christmas

box-15737_640Maybe what your business deserves for this Christmas is a professional website designer.

If you have a website and you aren’t pleased with the look of it, then you really should get a professional opinion. Many businesses have gone on-line and chosen a template to build their side. The problem with this is that your website doesn’t “pop” when potential customers or clients are looking.

Here are a few more reasons hiring a professional website designer is a great present to give.

  • A professional does this everyday all day. Just like your profession, she has gotten good at saving time and being efficient.
  • It’s a New Year. Those who succeed in 2015 will need to compete with billions of websites across the web. Yours need to stand out.
  • It needs to be easy to navigate. Wipple has professionals who have worked with hundreds of sites and knows how to make the navigation work smoothly.
  • Speed is of priority to most internet users. Your website needs to load fast and run smoothly.
  • A professional web designer knows how to use SEO words to get and keep you in front of the pack.
  • Having a professional site will help your business establish greater credibility.

Start the New Year right with a new website. Your 2015 year-end report will thank you.

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The Workforce is Continually Changing–Predictions For 2046

Predictions for 2046 from Forbes

Postal workers probably won't be on the rise in the next fifty years.

Postal workers probably won’t be on the rise in the next fifty years.

The Workforce Will Be 50% Distributed All businesses will have 50% of their employees/contractors working remotely for them from across the globe.

Two Out of Five U.S. Workers will be Entrepreneurs – Today there are 120 million workers in the workforce and 28 million small businesses. 22 million of those are businesses are companies of one. Non-employer businesses are the fastest-growing category.  Increasingly more workers will start and stay in their careers as entrepreneurs.

The Office Will Be the Classroom – Completing University at 22 years old with $100K+ in debt and few job prospects is a broken model. Apprenticeships will replace the expectation of undergrad education, and classroom education will be sought while working.  Employers will spend more time and resources to educate employees in the workplace, and employees will select companies that allow for that experience.

Entrepreneurs Will Be Engineers – Mechanical and electrical machines have run our lives for the past 200 years, but from here on out software will run our lives.  Individuals who can iteratively build software will increasingly become the model for entrepreneurs.

The Most Critical Aspects of Business Will Always Get Done Face to Face – Many things will change, but what won’t change is our deepest need to connect with others.  Technology and market conditions will continue to drastically reshape the business landscape of the last 500 years.  But regardless of what changes, the most important aspects of business will always be done in person.

The best way to find people, however, is the internet. You need to have a website that is strong. Wipple can help you achieve this goal. 360-901-1684.

Modernize Your Business With a Great Website From Wipple

Having a business without a website is as antiquated as a crank phone.

Having a business without a website is as antiquated as a crank phone.

Twenty years ago, no one would consider trying to run a business without having a phone number to give their clients. Now days you would be just as amiss to try to run a business without a domain name and a website. You also need an email address with your domain. The email address you have should reflect the business. Having a professional email address shows that you are serious about your business and your brand. Customers are more likely to have confidence in you.

For years, businesses hired individuals to go through a phone book and “cold call” individuals trying to randomly find individuals who are ready to buy. The days of cold calling are over.  Your business will rely on your social networking and online presence to expand your business.

Add you business to online business directories. Compile a list of most commonly used online business directories in your area and submit your business.

Add your business to Google Business Centre. This means your business will not only appear in Google maps, but also above Google search results.

For other suggestions and help in getting your business in front of the public, call Wipple. Call today 360-901-1684.

Find a Way to Reach More Customers–Websites & Social Media

If you plan to use the internet to sale your product, you need an online presence. And frankly, with very few exceptions, all successful businesses have some kind of online presence.

An online presence is the sum of the identities you have created by everything you’ve posted or others have posted about you. This can mean both your personal and business identities. This can also mean the mingling of what others have posted about you.

Building a positive online presence, which will help your business, can take a lot of effort and time. However, the effort is normally worth the effort.

When done correctly, your online presence can direct potential customers to the services you have to offer.

Here are some ways you can begin right now to build your online presence.

  • Decide what your goals are and decide how each of these channels are helping reach your goals.
  • Get a solid website. This will be a central place where people can go to learn more, contact you and interact with your business.

The website should show up on the first page of every Google search. This means you need to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO means using key terms within you site, that internet users are most likely to use when searching for a company such as yours.

Wipple can teach you how to use social media to reach customers.

Wipple can teach you how to use social media to reach customers.

If you aren’t an expert on SEO, then you can hire an expert. Wipple has experts who can make sure your website is optimized to keep you on top. As an entrepreneur, you know it’s best to find experts to help mobilize your product.

  • Make your website a site people will feel comfortable using. Studies indicate, that visitors will decide within ten seconds whether or not to click off your site.
  • Your website needs to provide something.  Coupons, give aways, a blog that gives advice or help.
  • Use other social media. This doesn’t mean that you should be “everywhere” such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitters, YouTube, LinkedIn. But you should be somewhere. Talk with a Wipple consultant about what social media will work best with you.
  • Track how many likes you have and the number of followers. Check with Google Analytics to track your website traffic.

For any help on these or other online services contact Wipple.

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Put Your Site On Top With Technology and a Great Website

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.

–Pablo Picasso

hand-pointing-tv-remote-control-100201556TV and the Internet are good because they keep stupid people from spending too much time out in public.

–Douglas Coupland

So much technology, so little talent.

–Vernor Vinge

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.

–Harold Abelson

For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three.

–Alice Kahn

fire-10010929Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.

–Laurie Anderson

steamroller-10057877Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.

–Stewart Brand

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.

–Mitchell Kapor

We love all these quotes about technology, but today we’d love to discuss the last quote. “Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.”

This is so true. Sometimes we are just so overwhelmed with everything on the internet. If you have a business and a website, this site needs to stand out and be simple enough that potential customers can find you and understand your message.

As a business person you can’ afford to let new technology roll over you. You need to deal with the technology specific to your business. Let us help you deal with the technology involved in presenting your business to internet users.

As we put your website together, we will help your business stand out from all the fire hydrant information blasting your.

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