Wipple Understand the “Bots” Which Index Your Website

In our last blog we discussed the fact that optimization on sites affects about 50 percent of your website rankings. This is because there are certain SEO necessities for Google “bots” which crawl a website. These “bots” index every webpage online. These bots decide which website is most relevant to the search query.

What is done offsite affects the other 50 percent of your website rankings. This includes;

  • Directory links
  • Press releases
  • Social media

The links which direct others to your site helps rank your site. At one time the more links to your site the better. However, Google has changed the algorithm. The algorithm now rates the websites linking to you. Low-quality websites don’t help your rankings. At times, your website can be banned from google rankings if there are hundreds of low-quality websites connected to your site. You need to have links from other websites that are authorities and relevant to your own business.

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Optimize Your Website With Wipple

We were sitting at restaurant in Seaside, Oregon with two teenagers. They were looking at a display of p memorabilia featuring Marilyn Monroe.

“Was her death suicide?” one asked.

Even at the beach they have their phones to Google the tide chart or how to find your business.

Even at the beach they have their phones to Google the tide chart or how to find your business.

The second teen pulled out his phone and Googled it.

There was also a display of porcelain fairies. “They’re by Amy Brown,” the teenage girl said who loves fairies and art.

“You don’t know the artist,” her brother said disgusted with her throwing around names as if she knew trivia.

“Google it.” she said.

They Googled Amy Brown and she was indeed the artist.

Google is a search engine. The word is actually a noun. The term “google,” however, is used so frequently it has become a verb—a verb which means to search something to find an answer.

Google has become such and integral part of our lives everyone knows what, “Google it” means.

There are over 12 billion searches per month. This is why your website needs to be optimized so that when someone “googles” for a service such as yours, you site pops up on the first page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex and ever-changing field. Google changes their algorithms regularly.  Even small changes in their algorithms can have a major impact on search engine rankings for your website.

You want your website to appear at the top of search engine rankings. This is the goal of optimizing through SEO.

The optimization of your site affects about fifty percent of your website’s rankings. This includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Content
  • Website structure

To make certain your site has the right keywords, content and structure, a good designer will start by conducting research on keywords. You will want to find which words are used to search for your product. Usually, your site will do better if you narrow or localize your keyword to a niche into which you fit.

Many website designers try to assign a certain keyword to each page. This helps Google determine what each page is about and how it should be ranked. The page needs to read and have artwork which shows an expertise in the subject.

The webpage should be “meta tagged” with the word you want. The word or phrase should also be used within the page. This needs to be done properly. Stuffing keywords all over the page looks like spam to Google’s search engines. If all the pages say approximately the same thing, then Google doesn’t know which version is the most relevant and this will cause the rankings to go down.

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Social Networks Parents Should Be Aware Of

Mic Wright posted an article concerning the social networks every parent should know about.

Here is an abbreviated version of this article. To read it in its entirety go to Mirror News.

Once a social network becomes the center of stories about its horrible influence on teens, those very kids have already been there for ages.

Usually they’ve already moved on to the next thing.

The biggest scares around Facebook and Tumblr, still the leading sites for teens, bubbled up into the headlines a long time after young people had colonized those sites in the millions.

If you’re a parent  the online world can seem utterly baffling. Where are your kids spending time online and who are they talking to?

The shock and horror many parents feel about Ask.fm are understandable. The site is still massive with young people with as many as 60m users taking to the site to ask and answer often anonymous and frequently unpleasant questions.

The popularity of the Q+A site is heavily tied to teenage use of blogging sites such as Tumblr, which introduced its own “Ask” functionality following the rise of Ask.fm and its defunct US-rival Formspring.

So what are the social media sites and social apps teenagers are using now? The ones you should know about before they become the next big thing or worse, big scandal. Here’s our guide to the corners of the web where your kids are hanging out, whether you know about it or not…

1. Reddit

This is hardly an underground sensation. Reddit shares a parent company with one of the world’s biggest publishing companies, Conde Nast, but many parents aren’t aware of just how deeply their kids are into this sprawling collection of discussion threads. Reddit is home to an incredible community but for all its incredible creativity and positivity there are knots of trolls, abusers and extreme content to navigate. It’s not that parents should discourage teenagers from visiting Reddit – tonnes of the funny pictures and memes that make it onto news sites originate there – but it’s worth being vigilant.

2. TinyChat

The successor to another now dormant site, Stickem, TinyChat is hugely popular with a particular kind of teenager attracted by showing off in its ‘rooms’. Chats are a combination of instant messenger, voice and video. There are thousands of chat rooms on the site and users can access them either via the web or smartphone apps. It’s a headache-inducing environment where 12 video feeds and dozens of audio feeds can be set going at once. However, often where there’s video, there’s perverts.

3. ICanHazChat

Named in honour of the now ubiquitous I Can Has Cheezburger meme , ICanHazChat is another video chat site. More even than TinyChat it’s home to people who will vociferously demand other users expose themselves on camera. This site is also dogged by rumours that videos made there are captured and shared by all sorts of unpleasant creatures. Thankfully, ICanHazChat is by no means a phenomenon and nowhere near as popular as TinyChat.
4. Kik/WhatsApp

Like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) before them, Kik and WhatsApp are incredibly popular with teenagers because they feel their communications there are hidden from parents, teachers and other prying eyes. The smartphone apps are used to send instant messages and photos for free and with a lack of vigorous age verification, can be catnip for those out to groom young people. Like SnapChat – we’ll come to that – Kik and WhatsApp are pretty well primed to facilitate sexting – firing off sexual images.

5. SnapChat

Again, like Reddit, SnapChat has got enough press that it’s far from as obscure as some of the other sites and services we’re talking about here. That said: most adults don’t realise just how addicted teenagers are getting to this app which allows them to send self-destructing photos back and forth. While the obvious focus of press reports has been on the app’s use for sexting, lots of teens use it as an alternative to text messaging, adding a message to their photo and using their own face as an emoticon.

6. Wanelo

Much smaller than most of the other apps and sites on this list, Wanelo is still growing in popularity with teenagers, especially girls. The social network – the name’s a mashup of Want. Need. Love – lets users share photos and info about products they want to buy. It’s the mall shrunk down into their mobiles and is only likely to get bigger in the next few months.
7. Whisper

An app from the same school of anonymous sharing as Ask.fm. It allows users to share secrets in the form of virtual postcards and has already been the cause of fights in US schools according to reports. Like Ask.fm, the app clearly carries with it the risk of abusive content about users being posted to upset and intimidate them. A similar app created by the PostSecret art project was canned by the creators for just that reason.



Drive Prospective Customers to Your Site With Wipple

wipple_main_logo_rgb.jpgIs your website just sitting there, beautifully designed without anyone appreciating the quality of not only the site itself, but also your business?

Is your website just some obscure corner of the Internet, being ignored by the very people who could benefit from what you have to offer?

–The first thing you need to do is have a blog. This is not just a blog you update once a year or every six months. You need a blog that is regularly updated. Once a week is a great idea. Some companies are getting great results with three and four blogs a week. Talk to your audience about yourself and your business. Help them get to know you.

Blogs don’t have to be long. Most people don’t want to read a lengthy treatise. They want short, quick and to the point.

Mention that you will be talking about something specific in your next blog. People will want to come back later to read it.

–Use your website to offer coupons, or something else your customers will want.

–Talk to someone who has a business that compliments yours. Write a guest blog for them and link back to your own site. Both of you benefit from this type of relationship.

–Use social networking sites to get your content—blog posts, videos, reports—in front of people. You can use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or other social medias to share links to your content.

Contact Wipple for more ideas and help in instigating these ideas. 360-901-1684 or click here to read more about what Wipple has to offer.

Put Your Website In Front of More People with Wipples

If you build it they will come.

This may be true of baseball fields, but it’s not particularly true when it comes to websites.

Just because you build a website doesn’t mean web surfers are going to clicking on your home page.

The site itself might be professionally designed and the pages full of dazzling photos.  But if the site continues to receive few hits then it’s not much help to your business.

Wipple can help you find traffic for your site. They know how to optimize your site so that search engines find you and put your in front of the consumers. The specialists at Wipple work hard to make certain that what is on your site is what will get your noticed by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other search engines.

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Texting, Tweeting & Driving. Game Makes You Think Twice

Home on the couch is the safe place to check your twitter account.

Home on the couch is the safe place to check your twitter account.

Now here’s a game the parents ought to encourage their teens to download. According to a post in adverblog.com this real-time multiplayer race game let’s you experience the dangers and distractions of mobile messaging as you see, send and steer. The game is called Tweet, Chat, Like and Drive.

Most of us agree that distracted driving on city streets as well as freeways is a huge problem for those who droll like Pavlov’s dogs every time they hear a text or tweet come in.

The “Tweet, Chat, Like and Drive’ multi-screen gaming experience proves how dangerous taking your eyes and mine off the road can be.

On the computer, a user is asked to steer while sending tweets, funny memes and WhatsApp messages to an opponent. This game sort of destroys any belief you might have had about your being a great master multitasker.

The game illustrates how hard it is to focus on driving when you are constantly checking for messages.

Do We Really Need This?

Bacon might wake her.

Bacon might wake her.

Finally, some good news for people who don’t love sleep as much as they love bacon.

According to an article posted in adverblog you can now wake up & smell the bacon.

The Bacon app is a simple alarm clock app that starts your morning with the yummy sound of (Oscar Mayer) bacon. But combined with a ‘bacon scent alarm device’ it becomes a ‘multi-sensory alarm experience’ based on bacon.

If you don’t need this device, maybe you will opt for the ultimate Bro app.

This app automatically texts your girlfriend at periodic intervals while you are busy around the keg or watching the ball game.

They can be texting their girlfriends without touching their phones.

They can be texting their girlfriends without touching their phones.

The BROAPP says it “is your clever relationship wingman. Automatically message your girlfriend sweet things so you can have more time with the Bros.”

Wipple Helps Your Business Deal With Technology

Technology is often fun, often frustrating and sometimes inspiring.

Here is one of those inspiring cases.

Post on gizmag.com Paul Ridden posted an article entitled Custom prosthetic arm turns student into a bionic drummer. The March 7, 2014 article reads in part:

In 2012, Jason Barnes lost the lower part of his right arm after being electrocuted. Though he could have pursued his dream of becoming a professional drummer using only his remaining limb (like Def Leppard’s Rick Allen, for example), he decided to build his own stick-wielding prosthesis.

According to Promised Hand, Barnes received a jolt of more than 22,000-volts while cleaning out a restaurant exhaust duct on January 9, 2012. Doctors at the time said he was lucky to be alive, though he did have to endure five weeks of pain in the burn center of the Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, followed by numerous operations on his right arm, including skin grafts and ultimately amputation.

After recovering from his ordeal, the now Atlanta Institute of Music and Media student modified a prosthetic arm with a spring-loaded drum stick that allowed him to continue playing. involved.

Weinberg initially developed a single-stick device that sensed the musician’s biceps via EMG (electromyography), using player-controlled motors for supple wrist-like action. He then added an autonomous second stick to the setup that’s capable of responding to live music with improvised, complementary rhythms.

“The drummer essentially becomes a cyborg,” said Weinberg. “It’s interesting to see him playing and improvising with part of his arm that he doesn’t totally control.”

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Internet Marketing Changes the Way We Shop

Whether you like it or not, your business has been changed because of the digital age. Shopping habits are quickly morphing as more and more people have smart phones and tables.

One recent study suggested that touch screens actually cause people to buy more because touching a screen with an item on it, makes the buyer feel more connected to the –shirt, shoes, wheel barrel, or steering wheel cover—and so are more inclined to order.

Marketing World published an article by Zsarlene B. Chua which included the following observation.

“The retail industry as a whole is undergoing a fundamental transformation right now and it’s [happening] everywhere,” Hamish Brewer, CEO of JDA Software Group, Inc. (a supply-chain software manufacturer), said at a press conference on Feb. 18. As mobile devices and the Internet changed the face of shopping, he observed that the way customers shop has also changed.

“Today, consumers do not go shopping — they are always shopping,” he said. He cited a survey done by eZanga last year that showed 75% of mobile users in the US use their devices to go shopping. The integration of mobile devices and retail has also made consumers less tolerant — complaining about a product being out-of-stock or the lack of information on the Web site or unexpected delivery charges.

“Before, if they go to a store and they see a certain product out-of-stock, it’s okay,” he said. But now, customers expect that the company will always have stock. “[The transformation of retail] exposes every single weakness in [a retailer’s] supply chain,” he said. From raw materials to manufacturing to actual delivery of products, every single point-of-sale will be scrutinized.

At times this can sound ominous to you as a business owner, but think of it this way, you won’t be making as many mistakes as your competitor. You have business savvy and know how to run your business.

Contact Wipple to do the work of keeping you online and your run your business.

Call Wipple 1-360-901-1684 to help you company keep the productive parts of your online advertising and update the parts that are now outdated.

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Internet Is Changing Keep Up With Help From Wipple

Comcast’s mega-merger is going to change more than your TV.

Comcast is acquiring Time Warner Cable in a $45 billion stock deal. This will add about 11 million new subscribers to Comcast’s current cache of 22 million. According to CBS news, this will represent more than a third of all cable subscribers.

An article in Money Watch says: “In the long term, fewer Longer term, fewer major players in broadband and TV mean fewer customers for hardware manufacturers selling routers and set-top boxes directly to cable companies — and that’s likely to mean higher prices passed on to consumers in a few years.

“Here’s another important element of the deal few people are talking about: The cable companies’ Wi-Fi networks. Both Comcast and Time Warner Cable have built out their own network of Wi-Fi hotspots in major cities around the U.S. Interestingly, they’ve also partnered with other cable providers (notably, Cox Communications) on a project called CableWiFi, which operates about 200,000 hotspots today. Subscribers to any of the cable company members get free access to any hotspot in the network.

“What’s notable is that Comcast has recently started leveraging its customers’ routers as publicly accessible hotspots (though strangers can’t access the customers’ personal Wi-Fi networks). With the merger, that means Comcast will be able to build out this unique residential hotspot network using Time Warner Cable customers as well. The legality of this is still largely untested.”

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